Sometimes a laugh is all it takes

14 Nov

If you’re feeling so far down that you can’t up, a little laugh can help lift you up. I know when I’m sad or upset, I try to watch comedies to cheer me up.

This video was made by my classmates and I. Yeah, its not great but it gives me a good chuckle. Maybe you’ll like it too!


“Sky is the Limit”— My Favorite Positive Song

28 Oct

No other song makes me as motivated and uplifted than Rebelution’s “Sky is the Limit.”

The modern reggae and funk feel of the song immediately gets you nodding your head. Eric Rachmany’s voice soothes your nerves and makes you smile. But the lyrics will truly make improve your attitude.

Did someone else bring you down? A perfect outlook exists in these lyrics: “You’re trying to hold me back and that’s fine. Nothing you say or do is worth my time. Good day to you, I respectfully decline. And now I’m coming stronger than ever. You say I’m a fool; I say whatever.”

Not feeling positive about your goals? “Sky is the limit. So out of my way, you can’t get me down.”

Please listen to the song. You’ll get the whole effect and feel a million times better.