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Tea Message

5 Dec

Tea Message

“Don’t be anything you don’t want to be, always be yourself”


To Write Love on Her Arms– My favorite and most personal non-profit organization

19 Nov


For those of you who may or may not of heard of it, To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) is a non-profit organization that helps young people deal with depression, anxiety, suicide and other mental illnesses. They work to inspire, encourage, inform and directly help those suffering from mental illness. The vision is hope for every person to live a happy life.

As a teen, I feel into a deep depression for years. I had never felt so much darkness around me. Everyday was a struggle to go to school, socialize and smile. I hated everything around me. I heard about TWLOHA on MySpace and was interested. They worked along side some of my favorite bands and gave me some hope for brighter days.

Today, I am a positive person with goals, dreams and will-power. I would even go as far as to say I’m strong. If you are ever feeling hopeless, I suggest you check the organization out. There are chapters all across the United States and some are popping up overseas. Hold on and keep smiling.


Sometimes a laugh is all it takes

14 Nov

If you’re feeling so far down that you can’t up, a little laugh can help lift you up. I know when I’m sad or upset, I try to watch comedies to cheer me up.

This video was made by my classmates and I. Yeah, its not great but it gives me a good chuckle. Maybe you’ll like it too!

Keeping Your Head Up

12 Nov

When something bad happens to us, sometimes we tend to dwell on it forever. It eats away at our souls and brings our spirits way down. Although it is acceptable to have a pity party every once in awhile, living in self created misery does not solve any problems.

The best way to get over a situation, whether it be a break-up, death or loss of job, is to move on and think positively. 

Try to distract yourself and better yourself at the same time. Maybe spend some extra time learning something new, or trying to find a new job. You’ll keep your mind off the pain and get ahead in life as well. 

Smiling is a great way to show the world you’re okay. It’s also a sign of strength.

All I’m saying is, don’t get down on life. I am trying to take my own advice here as I go through a break-up from a two year relationship. I smile though, because I know the world has something else it wants to offer me. So look ahead, not back.

My Favorite “Feel-Good” Sitcoms

15 Oct


Let’s face it, TV allows us to escape from reality. If you’re having a rough day, it’s simple to flip on the television and watch our favorite characters go through the trials and tribulations of life instead of us. In some cases, we actually get some good ideas or words of advice from an episode or two.

Sitcoms are easily my favorite types of television programs. Sure, I love gritty dramas like Breaking Bad as well, but they usually leave me feeling dark and on edge. Sitcoms and comedies are typically lighthearted with a moral at the end. It’s a win-win. Below I have listed several of my favorites, which I hope you can enjoy too. 

1. Scrubs

2. Parks and Recreations

3. Workaholics

4. New Girl

5. The Office



Harmonious Tea Message

7 Oct

Harmonious Tea Message

I found this little gem on my tea bag this afternoon. It made me smile, despite the bad morning I had earlier. Here’s sending positive vibes your way.

Yogi Kava Stress-Relief Tea

Having a Bad Day?

26 Sep



Here’s to hoping this picture cheers you up!! Spread love, and love positivity.