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“Sky is the Limit”— My Favorite Positive Song

28 Oct

No other song makes me as motivated and uplifted than Rebelution’s “Sky is the Limit.”

The modern reggae and funk feel of the song immediately gets you nodding your head. Eric Rachmany’s voice soothes your nerves and makes you smile. But the lyrics will truly make improve your attitude.

Did someone else bring you down? A perfect outlook exists in these lyrics: “You’re trying to hold me back and that’s fine. Nothing you say or do is worth my time. Good day to you, I respectfully decline. And now I’m coming stronger than ever. You say I’m a fool; I say whatever.”

Not feeling positive about your goals? “Sky is the limit. So out of my way, you can’t get me down.”

Please listen to the song. You’ll get the whole effect and feel a million times better.


The Purple Pig Music Festival

19 Sep

I’m sure at least some of you are curious about my countdown on my page to the “Purple Pig.” Well the Purple Pig is actually a music festival in my hometown (Naples, NY) that I have been aching to return to since last year. It features many local folk, acoustic, reggae and rock bands all in one place. There are two main stages set back in the forest, where there isn’t any cellular service to be found. Glowing lanterns, candles and bonfires lead you in. The crisp scent of late September is heavy in the air.

All of my friends that I graduated from high school come home from college just for this festival. Hell, even my former teachers can be found standing around a bonfire. For three nights, my little Upstate town roars with joy.

With good music, good friends and good food, the Purple Pig is a source of immense positive vibes. I could never feel angry or spiteful at this place. After the stress filled week I’ve had at school and work, this weekend at the Purple Pig is exactly what I’ve been needing.

I’ll be sure to post about it on either Sunday or Monday. Or please, if you’re from the area, experience it for yourself.

Positive Playlist

9 Sep

While driving in my car back to campus, I heard a few songs with really upbeat and positive lyrics. I jammed out to this music, enjoying the good vibes they made me feel. Even though I was returning to stacks upon piles of homework, I felt a little less stressed. So I figured I would share with all of you some of these songs, since I loved them so much! I hope they will help you relax, unwind and smile.

Most of these songs are reggae, rock or indie 🙂

  1. Stand Tall-Dirty Heads
  2. Three Little Birds- Bob Marley & The Wailers
  3. Two Step- Dave Matthews Band
  4. Keep My Head High- Echo Movement
  5. Healing- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
  6. Brighter Than The Sun- Colbie Caillet
  7. Feeling Alright- Rebelution
  8. What I Got-Sublime
  9. Positive Mind- The Expendables
  10. Set Sail- The Movement
  11. Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield
  12. Don’t Stop Believin’- Journey
  13. Something Good Can Work- Two Door Cinema Club
  14. On Top Of The World- Imagine Dragons
  15. I’m Yours- Jason Mraz