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Purple Pig Update

24 Sep

imagesThis past Friday, I spent my night dancing in the forest with all of my old friends at the Purple Pig Festival. I made a post earlier explaining the festival, so I thought I’d let everyone know how it went!

The one band I was completely enthralled with was The Pickers. They are a local (Upstate New York) folk band with a lot of soul. My former high school English teacher made an appearance on stage with the band, as he read poetry to introduce a song. The whole experience was spectacular. Dancing in the mud with my friends and feeling the music pulse through my body sent out bolts of positivity. I could not think of a happier place.  Everyone was thrilled to joined together with good vibes. Not a single fight broke out (unlike most other rock concerts.)

I think everyone should travel to a festival like the Purple Pig at least once in their lives. It was a great way for me to cut loose and be one with music and nature as well.  If this really isn’t your thing, then go out and find it! You won’t find fun sitting at home and thinking about it. Get out there!



I like storms. …

10 Sep

I like storms. They let me know that even the sky screams sometimes too.