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Giving Thanks

28 Nov


It’s easy to imagine Thanksgiving and to immediately think of food. Next thing that comes to mind is family, long car drives and pilgrims. But does anyone ever take the time to think and actually give thanks?

Many of us are privileged enough to enjoy the holiday with all of our loved ones. Try to think about those who didn’t come home this holiday. The little things matter the most. Love and take care of each other this Thanksgiving. And most importantly, give thanks for all the amazing things in your life. 


“Kindness has a way of reaching down into a weary heart and making it shine like the rising sun”

21 Oct


My Favorite “Feel-Good” Sitcoms

15 Oct


Let’s face it, TV allows us to escape from reality. If you’re having a rough day, it’s simple to flip on the television and watch our favorite characters go through the trials and tribulations of life instead of us. In some cases, we actually get some good ideas or words of advice from an episode or two.

Sitcoms are easily my favorite types of television programs. Sure, I love gritty dramas like Breaking Bad as well, but they usually leave me feeling dark and on edge. Sitcoms and comedies are typically lighthearted with a moral at the end. It’s a win-win. Below I have listed several of my favorites, which I hope you can enjoy too. 

1. Scrubs

2. Parks and Recreations

3. Workaholics

4. New Girl

5. The Office


4 Reasons Why Being Love Is Physically Good For You

11 Oct



1. Improved Mood

  • Physical contact with your partner is good for your mental well-being. Hugging, cuddling and sex can put you in better spirits and help you relax. 

2. Lengthens Your Life

  • People who died unmarried tend to live significantly shorter lives than married couples. It is said that couples tend to influence each other into living healthier lifestyles

3. Love is Literally Healing

  • Couples who are in love tend to heal more quickly than single people. In a study, people in love with physical wounds tended to heal one day sooner than those who were not.

4.  Increase Your Self-Confidence

  • When someone is in love with you, it makes you feel good about yourself. Most people are happiest with themselves personally when they are in love.


(Source: Self.com and my own personal relationship)

Family Forever

30 Sep

I love my family. I absolutely adore them. Yet, for many years, I thought about them less and less. I was too excited to get out on my own and be my own person. I didn’t need anyone else, I was completely independent.

My mother and grandparents came to visit me yesterday, and it struck a very deep chord within me that I didn’t even know existed. Being surrounded in so much love and admiration, I didn’t want it to stop. I wanted to suck in those feelings forever and never let them escape.

Your family is the most important force in your life. I understand that many people may not have been blessed with a loving family. But in reality, your family is the people who make you feel at home. Never let those people escape you, and cherish them while you can. Life is too short to be alone.

Having a Bad Day?

26 Sep



Here’s to hoping this picture cheers you up!! Spread love, and love positivity.


One World, One Love

12 Sep

With talks of war and the question of peace, I found this rather refreshing. Put aside your differences with others, and dedicate yourself to love.

Found at thehippybloggers.com- Facebook Page