8 Ways to Destress and Relax

17 Sep

Let’s face it, everyone feels the unbearable pressure that is stress. From time to time, it even comes to rule our lives, making us irritable, emotional and not-so-nice.

When the tension gets the best of us, its important to take a step back and find a way to calm yourself down. The following are a few techniques that I use myself to relax.

1. Take deep breaths

  • When you become panicked, your breathing quickens and becomes labored. This causes a lack of oxygen to flow to your brain. Taking time to breathe in deeply and clearly can help you get back on your feet and thinking clearly.

2. Write it out

  • Sometimes the best way to get all your thoughts and worries out of your mind is to put it on paper (or on your blog!) Writing can truly relax your mind and make you temporally push your worries aside.

3. Watch a feel-good movie

  • A comedy or romance movie can put you in a more positive mood.  This will help you clear your mind and get away from reality, even if its only for a couple hours. Anything gory or suspenseful can put you on edge and make your stress and anxiety worse.

4. Go for a drive at night

  • At night, there are less aggressive drivers and less traffic. If possible, take a familiar country road so you won’t have to think as much. Play your favorite music and enjoy the alone time behind the wheel. (Caution: If you are truly on the verve of a panic attack, do not take to the streets. Driving when too emotional can cause danger to you and other drivers.)

5. Take a hike

  • Any form of exercise is not only good for your body, also for your mind. I personally prefer hiking because I can get in touch with nature, which is an ultimate place of peace for me.

6. Get enough sleep

  • Ensuring that you have a proper amount of sleep can help you feel immensely better. You feel more in control of your day once you wake up refreshed and ready to go! If possible, try to follow a typical sleeping pattern. Your body will thank you for it.

7. Use lavender

  • Lavender scented oils, candles and lotions are aroma-therapeutic. Putting lavender scented items around your bed can help you achieve a peaceful sleep. Also try putting lavender in your bath water to immerse yourself in relaxation.

8. Get some fresh air

  • Simply opening up a window or stepping outside can allow you to clear your head. When pressure at work or school seems to be getting the best of you, taking a 5 minute break outside can make a world of a difference.

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